Stone Church Acres

Apple Varieties

Apple Varieties

Honeycrisp - Sweet, crisp and juicy. Good eating and in salads. 

Tigger -  Tart.  Good for eating and pies

Rosalee -   Cross of Fuji and Honeycrisp.  Sweet, crisp and juicy,

Jonathan -  Tart, crisp and juicy.  Good for eating and sauce.

Jonagold -  Blend of Tart Jonathan and Sweet Golden Delicious.  Good for eating and in pies and baking.

Liberty - Good for pies and eating

Braeburn - crisp and juicy with a sweet-spicy flavor.  Good for baking because it keeps its shape while cooking.  Stores well. 

Goldrush - firm and crisp. flavor similar to golden delicious.  Good for eating and cooking.  Stores well

Enterprise - firm and crisp, mild tart flavor.  Good for cooking.  Skin is thick and tough but good for eating.   

Golden Delicious - sweet.  Good for eating, salads.  Also good for cooking.  

Fuji - spicy, crisp sweetness makes it good for eating as well as applesauce.  Good for eating

Farm News

We are getting the fields ready for the winter.  

CSA News

The CSA is complete for the season.  Thank you for all of your continued support.  






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