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National CSA Sign-Up Day


STONE CHURCH ACRES is pleased to join other farms from around the country for National CSA Sign-Up Day on February 22. The day encourages food consumers to buy a share of their local farm’s harvest for the 2019season, a buying model known as Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA.

CSA has become an important model to support local agriculture since it was introduced to the United States in the 1980s and since grown to over 6,000 farms across the country. To join a CSA, members buy a share of the harvest in the Winter and Spring and then get a box of local produce each week throughout the growing season.

"CSA's are the most authentic connection between a farmer and eater available. CSA members get the freshest, high quality, seasonal local produce, but they also get a direct connection to their farmer. This model is economically important to farmers, especially small and beginning farmers, because they can grow with confidence knowing that they have a market for their produce ahead of time.", says Simon Huntley from Small Farm Central, a technology company that works with CSA farms across the country, and the creator of National CSA Sign-up Day.

February 22rd was chosen as National CSA Sign-up Day because this day is the most popular day to sign up for CSA shares according to the 2014 CSA Farming Report. Buying a CSA share in late winter is important because farmers are making the capital investments for this year’s harvest now and the CSA model means they do not need to finance these costs with costly credit.

Stone Church Acres is a family owned and operated small farm in Washington County, PA. Our mission is to provide you with delicious healthy produce. We follow sustainable agricultural practices which involves using organic methods, integrated pest management, natural composted fertilizers and cover crops.


$10.00 discount for signing up on CSA day

20 week full membership-$655 

20 week half membership-$395 

10 week half membership-$250 

(A half membership contains most of the same 6-10 fruits & vegetables

icluded in a full membership, but there will be less of each item.)

A $50 deposit is needed to reserve your membership for the 2019 season. Please include this deposit with your application. Full remaining balance for the season is due on June 1, 2019.

To receive the discount, send an email to today and send in your deposit in the US mail.  

 Check out our CSA Information Here: CSA Membership

Farm News

We have been ordering seeds and plants to get ready for the season.  We also started planting some seeds inside to get them started.  We don't have a greenhouse, so we make our sunporch a mini greenhouse with shelves and grow lights!!   


Gift Cards

 A STONE CHURCH ACRES gift card is the perfect gift to give for any occasion!  

Purchase a gift card that can be used for our market!  We open in June 2019.  

You can find the form here.


Thank you for being a part of our little farm by purchasing a CSA. We are thankful for you and really hope that you are pleased with your experience! We welcome your feedback as we are constantly trying to best serve our customers! 

If you have any question you can call Diane Varner at 925-366-4521.

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