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Daughter Emmy and Neice Stephanie having fun weeding
Daughter Emmy and Neice Stephanie having fun weeding
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We practice sustainable agriculture, so we only spray our produce when absolutely necessary to keep it from getting completely eaten by bugs. Our hope is that all our produce will be bug free, however, we also want to avoid harsh chemicals, so sometimes, you may encounter a bug or two. We are doing our best to get you the highest quality produce using the least amount of sprays.

Gift Cards

Independence Day is just around the corner, help celebrate by giving a gift that can be used all summer long! Purchase a gift card that can be used for our market!

You can find the form here.


Week 2 (6/15 - 6/16) - To view this weeks CSA newsletter click here.

If you have any question or are still interested in joining this season, you can call Diane Varner at 925-366-4521.

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